Mentoring Women Thru the Crossroads in Their Lives

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 You may have found this website by accident.  Or, someone may have encouraged you to check-us-out because they know you are struggling to make some changes in your life.


For most of us, change comes with some struggles.  Things do fall apart in life.  But somehow, life comes back together again.  We can give-in to the struggle...or we can decide to hope and reach for new possibilities.


There is always hope.  Hope never abandons you.  Hope will stand with you in your darkest night.  Hope will encourage you...empower you...and nudge you into impossible territory!  The truth is, when you have hope, you are more than you ever imagined!


Point and click your way through the Pipeline To God Website.  Take a look at our newsletter.  The Messenger is filled with some clues that help you answer the questions that make life seem so impossible right now.


Pipeline To God is composed of a series of faith-based programs focusing on mentoring women, children and families through the tough intersections of their lives.  Journey with us.  Learn that we have the power to be strong, hope-filled women.  A special "Light" illuminates our path - and that light makes us more than we ever imagined!



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